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Designing New Work – How HR Can Now Drive Business Transformation

Today, more than ever, managing human resources and talent is crucial. In this seminar you will reflect on the learnings of the past months and prepare for the future in constant exchange with the other participants and benefitting from the insights of your trainers:
– How did you organise work in a digital way? How well did you lead your virtual teams? What are the lessons learned?
– How do you become a more resilient leader? How do you manage anxiety and even panic? What are your personal stress factors?
– What are best practices of New Ways of Working? How can the changes experienced in the crisis become a driver towards New Work? Which practices can you adopt to increase the competitiveness of your organisation?
– How can HR support the process toward digitalisation and New Ways of Working?
Faculty: Sascha Wolff (Dark Horse Innovation), Markus Albers (Rethink & Neuwork), Florian Fleischmann (HRForecast), Prof. Marion Festing & Dr. Lynn Schäfer.
Dates: August 24–26, 2020
Price: 2,950 Euros (incl. catering & evening activities)
Contact: Jürgen Koch, Manager Executive Education, +49 (0)30 32 007 217,

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